There is an old joke – the main difference between a tattooed and a non-tattooed person is that a tattooed one doesn’t care about the fact that a non-tattooed has no tattooes.  In his article we’ll try to answer some questions – who makes tattoos, for what reasons and how much they cost. Maybe we’ll even help you to understand, whether you want to have a tattoo or not.

Rafael Tazhbin, 20, stylist. Got his first tattoo at the age of 16 on his cheek. He doesn’t regret about the tattoos he had done and wants to have the next tattoo on his tongue.

Alexandra Belogortseva, 20, painter. Got her first tattoos at the age of 16 – 3 stars behind each ear. In total she spent in tattoo studios more than 55 hours.

Andrey “Spider” Sokolov, 35, tattoo master. Got his first tattoo at 15 – it was a Russian knit with animal figures. He very seldom pays for tattoos – the majority of them are presents from his friends-masters.

Alexey Demidov, 22, photographer. Got his first tattoo at the age of 14 in Turkey.

His body is covered with a mix of Japanese, Old School and New School tattoos and in total he spent about a week and $3000 in tattoo studios.

This palette is in his opinion one of a few meaningful tattoos he ever made.

Groo Tolli, 24, creator. Got her first tattoo in Moscow at the age of 19.

All her tattoos are of different styles – Old- and New School, “Sugar Skulls” (a Mexican theme), Maya ornaments, cartoon theme etc. More than 30 hours under a tattoo-machine.

Mikhail “Santa Claus” Chuvilin, 24, dental mechanic, musician. Got his first tattoo of a dragon at the age of 18. Likes Japanese style in tattoos.

Julia Skobeleva, 27, photographer. Got her first tattoo at 25 under the influence of the husband (his photos are also in the post, guess which ones?). She always thinks every tattoo over very carefully and for a long period of time.

The pony is the favorite tattoo of her daughter; the camera symbolizes her profession, and the bus reminds of the wedding.

Albek Raimbekov, 37, one of the Toymaster event-company founders. Got his first tattoo at the age of 24.

This Kazakh national image was copied from the hand-made carpet, made by his granny.

Ruslan Tanin, 32, Da Freak Club art-director. Got his first tattoo – a scorpio on his leg – in the army.

The tattoo with “God Saved My Life” is devoted to the horrible car accident he got into, and the portrait – to his friend, who died at the age of 25.