The annual contest “The beauty of the Voronezh Region” was held in Voronezh last Friday. Here are the most memorable moments of the ceremony.

While the specially invited foreign hosts were announcing the contestants, the latter were defiling on the scene.

30 girls took part in the contest. How it’s possible to choose one, the most beautiful of them – not clear.

The next number was much more interesting.

Then they appeared in fur.

Finalists of the last year’s contest.

A Spanish pork leg for everybody!

Some were reading…

Finally the most boring and at the same time intriguing part began.

Contestants were defiling in colorful dresses.

A raffle among the audience. This man turned out to me the most lucky. He became the proud owner of a whole pork leg and two bottles of wine.

The moment of the announcement of the winners and their awarding.

All girls received either presents, or crowns, or titles.

The second place goes to…

Now the future finalist can already be recognized by her no crowned head.

Here she is, the beauty of the Voronezh Region, 19-year-old Vasilisa Eminbeyli. During the whole year she will be the most beautiful.

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