Like most aspiring models these days, Jessica Ashley got her start on social media.  She had been posting sexy selfies for a few years before she was picked up by playboy for their Miss COED.

She is 25 and a college graduate, meaning she has the brains to go with that body.  Maxim placed her on last year’s 100 hot girls next door, so I’m sure that we will see plenty of her in the future.  She is constantly updating her social media sites with new content for you to enjoy!

Her June 2014 playboy spread was one of the best in a long time, boosting her into superstar model status. 


Jessica Ashley Went from Instagram to Playboy

look at that bathing suite!

Can you help me with these clips?

Jessica Ashley posing in her bra

Jessica Ashley Playboy pic in a pool

Jessica Ashley June 2014 playboy picture

black and white see through shirt

Jessica Ashley see thorugh shirt at the beach

whats with all the naked selfies?

look at that smile

she looks so sad today

she barely fits in that tank top!

Jessica likes to show off her side boob

Getting out of the pool

just walking around like a ray of sunshine

She can clean my kitchen any time

Just hanging out by the pool

Jessica Ashley playing dress up

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