It has been a while, but done anyone remember how amazing Eliza Dushku looked as a cheerleader.  Now that she is all grown up, she looks even better and is even legal!  Since her amazing roll in Bring it on, she has starred in several television roles including a starring role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This MA native looks much better in her bikini than in a snowsuit at her parents’ house.  These are the best pictures of her that we could find, and they are definitely worth checking out.  Its crazing to thing that she is already 34 years old.  To think, just yesterday she was that cut cheerleader we all wanted to walk into the wrong gym locker room.


Eliza Dushku naked and ready

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Eliza Dushku topless in a skirt

Drunk girl dancing on a table

Eliza whering a halter top and showing some skin

laying around in bed all day

Ms Dushku making sure she doesnt fall out

Eliza Dushku in a bikini showing off her body

From bring it on

Look at that dress

Eliza showing off her underwear

showing off her beach body Dushku

where did Eliza Dushku come from?

Eliza Dushku showing off her bikini