I am digging around online to find out more about this Natural Beauty photoshoot, and it looks like I found what I needed.


The NATURAL BEAUTY book of portraits will be released in late spring of 2013 and will follow with an exhibition in New York City in April. The book includes 120 stunning images of some of the world’s leading models and celebrities advocating with Houston for environmental awareness, including Emma Watson, Christy Turlington, Adrian Grenier, Brooke Shields, Arizona Muse, Elle Macpherson and many more. Houston looks towards the beauty of nature as the inspiration for this body of work, incorporating natural elements into many of the images.Source: theoriginalwinger.com


Below is a trailer to what you can expect. According to the trailer, the entire event starts this Sunday, March 24th.

Now, given that my searching turned up some nice, high res photos of Karlie Kloss, I may as well add them below too. If you check out James Houston’s portfolio on his management company’s website, there are a few more shots that also seem to be of this shoot.