One of my absolute favorite TV actresses just took a short vacation in Hawaii with her psychologist boyfriend … yep, we got some great bikini shots of Ashley Tisdale while she was at the beach with Christopher French. 

Now, I can definitely see how any guy would want to get close to Ashley … that girl has a body most women dream about. She not only looks good, but judging by the roles I have seen her play, she seems like a cool person to hang out with. So, what the hell is she doing with Christopher French? A psychologist? More importantly, a paranormal psychologist? As far as I’m concerned, anyone that makes a living off the paranormal is a nut. Well, unless you look at it from a reality standpoint, in which case there isn’t really that much different between Christopher’s profession and Ashley’s.

But, I digress … regardless of what you think of the paranormal, few can doubt that Ashely has reached the peak of her hotness, and while she is peaking we are obligated to do our part, incessant gawking. So, let us gawk at that amazing bikini body of hers, shall we?