Aasen 05

Being a techie, I am completely lacking in the sphere of art, which may be where my great appreciation for art talent comes from. I can’t say I am much a connoisseur of art, a great deal of which I have little understanding of, but I do know what I like and the work of Aasen Stephenson is something I like a lot. 

Aasen Stephenson is an artist that cuts things. He takes various materials, like Paper, Leather, Leaves, or what have you, and makes little cuts in them. These cuts are intricately positioned in such a way that the emerging pattern is often breath taking. There is a subtle morbid quality to much of his work, which may be why I am so attracted to it, but there is little doubt as to the incredible skill required to produce such works.

Assen hails from Northampton, UK. Given the lack of information about him online, I suspect that he has either only recently began marketing his talent, or he hasn’t had his big break yet. One thing I am sure of, however, is that if he persists in this field he will surely make his mark on the world. I have found his personal Facebook Page, his website (which is loaded in some great work), and even a nice interview with him going deep into his personal life. It seems that Assen is originally from Louisiana, at least that’s whats on his Facebook page, yet I could be wrong … this may be some other Aassen’s facebook page who simply looks remarkably similar to our Assen in question.

Leaving Assen’s personal sphere, his work is just incredible. It is apparently all done by freehand, making each piece unique. Some of the varying materials he uses to work on shows true talent. I came across this man’s work through a Reddit post made by his friend. The work was very highly regarded there, and for good reason. The following images were all taken from the post’s imgur link. What do you guys think?