One sure fire way to sell magazines these days is to put a hot actress in your pages. This way, you are sure to attract that actresses fans, who will inevitably buy one or two of your magazines. However, if you put three of Hollywood’s hottest in between your covers, will it tripple your sales? InStyle sure as hell thought so, and to make matters more interesting, they contracted M. Di Battista to do the shoot.

Which of Hollywood’s hottest did InStyle chose? The most important choice was my favorite Ukrainian, Mila Kunis. I am always happy to check our her pics, even if she isn’t half naked. Their other two also make my top 10, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. With Oz the Great and Powerful hitting theaters tomorrow, putting the three together in a magazine is sure to sell a few tickets as well. Personally, I bet they would have sold substantially more magazines, and movie tickets, if the three did a lingerie shoot … but I am rarely consulted for such things.

Before going through the photos (assuming you haven’t already), I recommend checking out the Oz trailer, as well as the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot itself. You will be pleased, trust me.