While there are few that would deny the fact that Adolph Hitler was an absolute psychopath, it turns out that Hitler also had a remarkable talent in Art.  It would be difficult to compare him to Rembrandt, Picasso or their contemporaries, but Hitler’s skills far surpassed mine.  While I am deeply resentful of his deeds, I wouldn’t have any problem hanging his art on my wall, assuming of course that I was unaware that it was Hitler’s work.

It turns out that an unidentified collector has uncovered 13 of Hitler’s oil paintings and is going to auction them off.  The paintings are considered his early works, all painted around 1910.  The collector apparently forgot about these works after locking them in his garage years ago.  I can only imagine what kind of ‘garage’ this many has if he can simply ‘forget’ about artwork that is likely worth tens of thousands of dollars.  I get the feeling that this collector’s garage is nothing like my garage.

Another interesting thought to consider, Hitler started his life as an aspiring artist.  After building his portfolio a little he began applying to various universities.  Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts rejected Hitler twice, in 1907 and 1908, telling him that he didn’t have any talent.  If Hitler was accepted, that could have completely changed the entire world.  Hence, one could argue, that Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts is to blame for Hitler’s psychopathic tendencies later in life.  It is fully possible that if he was accepted, he may have turned into the next Rembrandt or Picasso, but instead the vulgar rejection of his talents lead him to a life of misery.

… of course, this is only a theory.

As for the attached images, all Caters Images were taken from Daily Mail, while Emo Hitler was taken from the Fark Comments section.