At the age of 30, Anne Hathaway has already become not only a household name, but one of Hollywood’s most respected actresses. Her acting career started late in life, at least with respect to most actresses these days. Anne managed to land a leading role in Disney’s The Princess Diaries back in 2001, after which her career began to skyrocket.

It turns out that Anne followed in her mother’s footsteps regarding acting. While Anne’s mother never reached quite the prominence that Anne has already achieved, it was her lead that Anne followed. Having a father that is a successful lawyer probably helped a bit in her career as well, so we shouldn’t count dad out.

Anne has grown in leaps and bounds since then, but I think her role in The Devil Wears Prada really shot her to the top. Anne is now not only one of Hollywood’s greatest, but she is a sex symbol to virtually every straight male on the planet.

In honor of her sex symbol status, I would like to share with you some of my favorite photos of Ms Hathaway. I will try to keep the photos Safe For Work, at least for now. If requested, I can post a bunch of NSFW images of Anne, but they will be mostly screen grabs.