The 23 year old country singer, Taylor Swift, has been the target of some extreme criticism lately. Given the fact that most of her songs are about love, or more specifically the loss of love, and the fact that she has slept with half the Hollywood hunks, many people are now claiming that she should start writing songs like, “I am the problem” or “I guess I’m a psycho”. 

Regardless of what you think of Taylor Swift’s personality, or ability to find true love, there are few who can say with a straight face that the girl is anything short of gorgeous. While at the 2013 Brit Awards in London, Taylor came out wearing an incredibly sexy gown, showing off those incredibly long legs of hers. 

Taylor is the epitome of sexy, housing a natural beauty that is virtually unmatched in the music industry. The fact that she has the voice of a goddess not only launched her into stardom, but it solidified her position as the #1 country singer on the planet (well, in some circles at least).

Here are a few shots of Taylor from the 2013 Brit Awards. For those thinking that there is a cure for homosexuality, I’m pretty sure locking her in a room with any gay man will turn them straight in under 3 minutes. I can be gay, if someone wants to test my theory.

Taylor Swift (7)

Taylor Swift (2)

Taylor Swift (1)

Taylor Swift (3)

Taylor Swift (4)

Taylor Swift (6)

Taylor Swift (8)

Taylor Swift (9)

Taylor Swift (10)