The British singer Sir Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish have confirmed a birth of a second child: a son named Elijah Joseph Daniel, reports British tabloid Hello! 

Last week, British media reported that the surrogate mother gave birth to a  second child of 65-year-old Sir Elton John, but then the international media, with reference to the musician’s representative, denied this information. 

According to the tabloid, the child was born in the evening of Friday, January 11. In an exclusive commentary edition pair noted that a child has been turned to his “real family”. 

“It’s hard to express the feelings that we are experiencing now: we are full of happiness and excitement,” – Elton John said. 

Two years ago, the surrogate mother gave birth to Elton John’s first child (or perhaps it is David Furnish?), which was named Zachary. 

Sir Elton John has admitted his bisexuality in 1976, in an interview with Rolling Stone, and eight years later he married a German woman, engineer Renate Blauel. However, after the divorce artist once againe confirmed that he is homosexual. With Furnish they met in 1993. In 2009, the singer was trying to adopt a boy Leo from Ukrainian orphanage for children with AIDS, but due to age and marital status request was denied. After this couple asked the help of a surrogate mother.