I have no clue who this Pia Mia Perez chick is, but I know what I like. She has been popping up on my sexy celeb sites for quite some time now (with another illegal favorite of mine, Stella Hudgens), so I figured I would look into her a bit. All I can find on her is that she was born in Guam on September 19, 1996 and that she is a singer. There is plenty of her stuff on YouTube, but who has time for that? I just want juicy details. It looks like she is dating the child actor Remy Thorne, but I am not sure how recent that information is. Regardless of who she is or what she does, with a body like that and her beautiful face, I can tell she is going places.

Now, she does have a Facebook account (not surprising) and even a twitter feed (less surprising). She has no photos to share on Facebook, so that’s worthless, and as for twitter … who wants to listen to what some teenager has to say about life? Well, at least she has a lot of picutures on Twitter, so it has that.

Well, Pia (I guess that’s her first name) returned home to Guam to do a sexy bikini shoot for the world to gawk at. Given the fact that I love a skinny chick, and I have a soft spot for asians, Pia is a dream come true. Here are the photos I found. Given that she is only 16, I guess they can’t be too revealing … yet!