Cordaro Hardin, 21, was convicted Thursday of the shooting deaths of David Heath and Jeff Shultz in St. Petersburg in January 2007. The murders were known as “homeless murders” and were considered “pointless and senseless”

Video: Convicted Murderer raps in the court


The murders occurred on Jan. 17, 2007. Shultz, 43, was riding his bicycle in the 3500 block of Sixth Avenue N in St. Petersburg. Hardin and a friend, Dorion Dillard, both fired handguns at him.

About an hour later, the two came across Heath, 53, who was just a few blocks away from a friend’s house where he planned to spend the night in a backyard hammock. He was shot and killed in the 4300 block of Seventh Avenue N.



During the trial, Hardin communicated with the jury with a rap song “”Where Do I Go From Here?“. Later he was handed double life sentences for the two murders. Check the video of the song below –

The song went like this –


God, I need a little assistance, will you be with me? By my side when I leave here, where do I go from here?

The song then went to a bridge with lines that Hardin rapped.

It’s a question I can’t answer. I’m praying for an answer. Like a person who got cancer. They lost all they had. Don’t think they’re very handsome,” he rapped.

The song lasted about 90 seconds. Hardin kept his eyes downcast for the entire song.



Did he forget that he was in a court, accused of double “murders” and not at “American Idol”? I wonder what will Simon say?