”Rehab” singer Amy Winehouse’’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil is said to have proposed to another woman while setting up a second wedding to the singer in St Lucia next month.

Sarah Aspin, 31, revealed she had met Fielder-Civil last April at a drugs rehab centre in Sheffield, where she learned he had split from Winehouse and was planning to divorce her.

Aspin said that when the romance between her and Fielder-Civil got underway, he proposed to her and talked about having children with her.

A picture has surfaced featuring Fielder-Civil cuddling Aspin at a railway station rendezvous on January 7 before whisking her to a flat he bought as a love nest for them.

“We didn”t even make it to the bedroom and made love in the living room as soon as we got in,” News of the World quoted her as saying.

“I lay in his arms afterwards that night and we discussed wedding plans. We decided we”d get married on a tropical beach and honeymoon in Mexico.

“He even told me he wanted me to get pregnant. He stroked my tummy and said, ”I hope my baby is in there”,” she revealed.

But a couple of days later she read reports that Winehouse was planning to remarry her ex-husband.

With her dreams shattered Aspin confronted Blake, 27, at another meeting at the flat on January 9.

“He told me, ”I am in love with you and it is you I want to marry”,” Aspin, a reformed drug addict, said.

“He said he wasn”t remarrying Amy. But now I reckon he’’s stringing us both along and I”m dumping him.

“Up until last week we saw each other every two or three days. That is why I can”t believe what he’’s done – planned another wedding while trying to conceive a baby with me.

“I just hope he isn”t giving Amy exactly the same lines – she should get out before it’’s too late,” she added.

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