There is an update on the story. It seems that Paula left the club 20 minutes after her boyfriend Klym was kicked out. She is shown leaving the club alone in the survelliance video, but it is told that she “ultimately” left with a man described as a “black man”.

Murdered model Paula Sladewski may have left a nightclub with an unidentified man after being kicked out in the early hours of Jan. 3, investigators have told Crimesider.

According to Miami-Dade police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas, witnesses outside Club Space told investigators that they saw Sladewski talking, and ultimately leaving with a person described only as “a black man.”



Klym has an alibi but the hotel part has yet to be confirmed


As for Klym’s story that he left the club alone, Lt. Cuevas told Crimesider that investigators have confirmed that he took a taxi alone shortly after leaving the club, but there is no video from the hotel to confirm what time he arrived. Source:


Will keep you posted on the story.