It is reported that Paula Sladewski and her boyfriend Kevin Klym were in a horrible relationship. Kevin had earlier broken Paula’s nose during an arguement and was arrested on domestic abuse charge.


Paula Sladewski’s stepfather Richard Watkins, who lives in Michigan with Sladewski’s mother, told that he wasn’t surprised when he found out that Sladewski’s boyfriend, Kevin Klym, 34, was named a person of interest.

“They had a horrible relationship,” said Watkins. “I have told them from the start that they shouldn’t be together.”

Watkins said the couple, who had been together for two years, argued often. He said a month ago, Klym broke Sladewski’s nose during an argument and was arrested.

Watkins, who has been talking on the phone to Sladewski’s ex-boyfriend in California since she disappeared, told that Sladewski, 26, would text message her ex-boyfriend that she was afraid of Klym.

“She would text him ‘help me, I’m in trouble, he’s trying to kill me‘,” Watkins told