It’s been more then 20 years since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which was preceded by ethnic conflicts and mutual charges. Baltic republics would say that they provided the whole country with sprats and received no money for it. Uzbeks insisted that they sold their cotton for nothing… and so on and so forth. So, let’s see how truthful those statements were.

1. Estonia. GDP per head is 18274$.

2. Lithuania. GDP is 16997$.

3. Russia. GDP is 15807$.

4. Latvia. GDP is 14330$.

5. Belarus. GDP is 13864$.

6. Kazakhstan. GDP is 12401$.

7. Azerbaijan. GDP is 9953$.

8. Ukraine. GDP is 6655$.

9. Turkmenistan. GDP is 6597$.

10. Armenia. GDP is 5178$.

11. Georgia. GDP is 5057$.

12. Uzbekistan. GDP is 3022$.

13. Moldova. GDP is 2959$.

14.  Kyrgyzstan. GDP is 2162$.

15. Tajikistan. GDP is 1907$.

So, as far as you can see, none of the republics has managed to improve quality of life greatly, after it got rid of the ‘oppressor’. Baltic countries, as members of the European Union, did not achieve overwhelming superiority over Russia. Moreover, many of the republics found themselves in a poor economis situation, and today their people have to go to Russia as guest workers. Statistical data (for 2010) is provided by IMF.

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