Any of you people are thinking – “what kind of business should I start?”  Check this article out; perhaps it is your future?! J

Chinese farmers are betting on the breeding of cockroaches, according to The Los Angeles Times . “Dried cockroaches – the price goes up to $ 20 a pound – are used in oriental medicine and cosmetics”, – says journalist Barbara Demick.

The author is reporting from a former chicken coop, which now contains millions of cockroaches, “spry hordes of reddish-brown insects scurrying between the rusty iron sheets and cartons of eggs, bound together to get the much-loved cockroaches dark secluded refuge.”

43-year-old Wang Fumin looks to cockroaches with tenderness – his capital and his future. He is China’s largest (and probably in the world) “cockroacher” – owns six farms, with about 10 million insects. For manufacturers of Oriental medicine and cosmetics cockroaches – a cheap source of protein and a substance similar to cellulose. The most suitable type of cockroaches – the American (Periplaneta americana) of 1.6 inches.

Since 2010, when Wang was engaged in this business, the price of dried cockroaches has grown by 10 times. “I thought I going to grow pigs on conventional farms, but the margin was very low – Wang said. – And with cockroaches you can invest 20 million Yuan and get back… 150.”

China has about 100 cockroach farms, but most Chinese do not know of their existence until August this year, when nearly a million cockroaches had a “great escape” from a farm in the province of Jiangsu.

The paper gives advice to potential farmers: “Start-up capital – minimal: Wang bought the eggs, abandoned chicken coop and the material for the roof.” Cockroaches are not as susceptible to disease as livestock, besides they are omnivorous, but prefer rotten vegetables. Van feed them potato peels and rinds pumpkin – Waste from nearby restaurants.

“Slaughtering of cockroaches – is also a simple matter: get them out by a scoop or a vacuum and throw in a vat of boiling water. Then dry them in the sun, like chili pepper” – says the article.

Now, where do cockroaches is used? “In China and South Korea, they started to use of crushed cockroaches for the treatment of hair loss, AIDS, and cancer, as well as vitamin supplements,” – says the journalist. In these countries, there is the publication of the anti-carcinogenic properties of cockroaches.

Many farmers are hoping to increase demand, advertising cockroaches as food for fish and other animals, as well as a delicacy for the people.


Wang invited journalists to taste salty fried cockroaches. They refused. “All your life you will regret for not try it” – he told reporters at parting.

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