The internet has changed many industries out of all recognition, and few have experienced more dramatic changes than the gambling industry. It started
small, but now the online gambling business is worth billions. Hundreds of gambling sites all over the world offer the chance to play any casino game, from
roulette to blackjack.

Blackjack is an interesting case. As one of the most enduringly popular casino games, it has adapted well to the internet and there are now many different
versions of the popular game available to play online.

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The online gambling boom started in the mid-1990s. In 1994, when the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade And Process Act a company called Microgaming was set up. It’s hard to verify for sure, but Microgaming has a strong claim to
be the world’s first real money online gaming site.

Those early casinos were pretty basic; a modern online casino gambler would be shocked at the lack of choice. The range of casino games you could play was
pretty small, and the technology didn’t offer all the functions and extras that modern sites can. But at the time, this was considered ground-breaking, and
as more companies joined the market, and the range of online casino gaming outlets grew, the software become more and more advanced.

From that small beginning, the online gambling market grew rapidly in a short space of time, and, with so many new companies trying to make a name for
themselves, the early 2000s were a boom time for online gamers. New customers were tempted with big bonuses and loyalty schemes, and it didn’t end there.
As the technology improved, casino sites were able to offer ever more complex features.

Online innovations, such as themed slot machines, multiplayer games and progressive jackpots attracted more and more customers in a casino arms-race to see
which site could offer the most gaming choices and the most entertaining experience.

There was still some resistance among traditional gamblers, who feared that online games were open to manipulation and wouldn’t produce realistic or fair

In recent years, casino gaming companies have addressed this problem with the creation of live online casino games.

These may be common now, but when they first emerged, they were seen as a major breakthrough and were extremely popular. Players could see live video
streams of the dealers and croupiers and that helped people to feel they were playing a real game rather than a computer version. In fact, live games are
now more popular among online casino gamblers than the original versions.

As technology has changed, online gaming has reacted. Most sites are now compatible with mobile phones and tablets, enabling gamers to play their favourite
games wherever they go, and it seems certain that the highly competitive online gambling world will continue to pioneer new and ever more advanced ways of
giving their customers what they want.