Gambling has long been considered an amazing entertainment for Australians. The fact is evident from the statistics showing more than 80 percent of Aussie adults engaging in some sort of gambling at least once a year. The acceleration of internet has further paced up the process and with the online casinos offering the ease to play from the comfort at home- gambling is even more popular among the Australians today. In fact, Australia shows the maximum rate of gambling today and around the citizens here spend around 3 percent of the total yearly income on virtual gambling per year.

It’s legal

Yes, online gambling is legal in Australia. You should know here that online sports betting, games and lotteries is legal here, provided the online portals are attached with some land-based business. The online casinos in Australia are also open to citizens from other countries yet the facility implies to approved nations only.

Wide variety of games

One of the biggest reasons behind the huge popularity of online casinos today is the huge variety of online games available here. The leading ones offer more than 650 games. Poker or “pokies”, as it is usually known here, is the most popular among the Australian online gamblers. Besides, the virtual gambling sites also offer other casino favorites like roulette or blackjack or slots.

When it comes to sports betting online, football betting is a anyday a top hit among the Australian bettors. However, they also enjoy betting on cricket, rugby, horse-racing and so on.

Mobile gaming available

In tune with the current trends of using smartphones as internet browsers, the online casinos in Australia are also offering mobile gaming facilities for the players today. The good news is that the mobile gaming platforms are compatible with all major operating systems such as Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows & even some of the older WAP-based and Symbian-based systems.

Great bonuses

The online Australian casinos are also popular for the amazing bonuses at offer for the players. The best platforms here would generally extend 100 percent bonus with the first deposit. So, if your initial deposit is 100 AUD, you will have 200 AUD as you start playing with the casino.

Go for a reliable online casino guide

However, it’s to mention here that you must have a look at the online Australian casino guides before you choose your internet casino- it’s because all won’t be equally compatible for you. The casino guides offer elaborate reviews on  a wide range of virtual casinos so that you can know in detail about their features, the games offered, the payout rate and of course, the bonuses.

When it comes to a reliable guide for online Australian casinos, the #1 australian online casino guide is The site has got expert reviewers who test the casino sites personally before putting the review- to ensure the most informed discussion for you. The site also provides expert tips on how to choose the best credible online casino in Australia.