Top Five Online Tools to Help Kick Start your Fitness Regime in 2016

Many people take the New Year as an opportunity to make a resolution to be healthier in the year to come, with some promising to improve their diet and others focusing on their fitness regime. Making a plan to improve your overall health is the easy bit and it’s sticking to it and keeping motivated that is the hardest part. So how can you stay motivated to achieve your goal?

The internet is a useful tool to use for all kinds of things and you can find handy online tools to help you to feel motivated to improve your fitness, so let’s take a look at the top five:

 1.    Online Workout Videos

 The internet is home to video hosting websites like YouTube that are perfect to use to find new ways to workout. You can choose to do Pilates, yoga or kickboxing and you can fit in a quick 10-minute video or an entire workout clip that lasts two hours depending on how much time you have spare. You can skip the ones that you find boring and bookmark the ones that make you feel more motivated and what’s even better is that you can watch the videos at home, rather than having to go to the gym.

 2.    Online Roulette Wheel

 Ladbrokes Casino are busying themselves with a new online roulette wheel that can be used to help you to find new and exciting ways to workout. One of the biggest problems when it comes to creating an exercise plan is keeping it interesting and changing the types of exercises that you do is a simple yet effective way to stop your routine from becoming boring. You spin the wheel and it will randomly stop on a type of exercise that you have to do and this is good way to keep your regime fun.

 3.    Use Map My Run

 In order to know how much exercise you are getting, you will need to track it and MapMyRun is a great tool to use as it allows you to do everything from calculating the calories you burnt on your run through to setting up a personalised training plan for you and mapping your route. This is great for anyone who gets motivation from being organised and TrailRunner is another very similar app that is popular with anyone who needs a little push in the right direction.

 4.    Crank up the Volume

 Pump up the jam and turn up the volume, as there’s nothing more motivating than listening to your favourite uplifting tunes when you go for a run outside or do some indoor exercises. Use your iPod or MP3 player and download some awesome tracks to listen to while you walk or jog and keep some hard-core adrenaline pumping songs for when you really need an extra boost to get going.

 5.    Podcasts

 All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you are ready to start improving your fitness regime but add in a few motivational podcasts and you will find it easier to keep going. You can listen to anything from Serial and Cracked through to Criminal and The Jillian Michaels Show, and the key is to find something that interests you.

 From listening to music and podcasts through to watching workout videos, tracking your fitness and playing online games – there are lots of handy tools online that you can take advantage of in order to help you to really stick with your workout plan in 2016.