Six Belgian grocery stores received a shipment of boxes with Latin American banana shipment with… cocaine in it. But, unfortunately, the shipment was withdrawn before it entered the market, reported TV channel RTL .

Culprits of curious "shipment" were drug smugglers supplying cocaine to Europe. Because of their mistakes the drugs arrived in the Belgian retail trade network “Colruyt”, with headquartered in Braine-Le-Chateau. Packages of cocaine lying in boxes between the bunches of bananas were discovered in six stores located in different parts of the country – from Flanders to Wallonia. In total police seized 66 kilograms of cocaine worth 3.2 million euros, out of that 36 kilograms "gift" came to the supermarket in Wavre Ste-Catherine.

According to law enforcement, the incident happened due to glitch in the system “traffic control of cocaine dispatcher”, according to ITAR-TASS. 

"This is the third discovery of this kind, – said one of the employees of supermarkets Colruyt. – Usually boxes of bananas delivered to the central office, which was then distributed directly to the points of sale. This explains why the drugs were found in six stores."

In October 2012, police found eight tons of cocaine in a container of bananas unloaded in the port of Antwerp, reports RIA "Novosti" . This was a record for the Belgian police party cocaine worth 500 million euros.  According to the latest report released on the eve of Europol on European drug market, Belgian ports remain the main "gateway" to Western Europe for cocaine and marijuana.